Monday, 16 January 2012

Grouchy old bastard … at 44!!!

I’ve been informed that I’m getting grouchy. Or … more grouchy than I usually am when I point and swear at the television whenever there’s a politician on screen telling lies. Over the previous couple of weeks, I’ve been like the proverbial bear with the sore head because I’ve been struggling with a head-cold, made worse with a dose of sinusitis, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, and if there was a market for snot I’d have made a fortune from the amount I produced. ICK!!! It’s had a devastating affect on my productivity. A few brief notes and memos scribbled, but no new pages established, and I kept my online time to just long enough to process any new orders I received, and then I promptly logged off again. Looking at the VDU monitor felt like I was provoking a migraine. I decided it was best to play it safe while my body finally won the war against this seasonal illness, but it ratcheded up my grouchometer a few more notches.
I turned 44-years-old last Friday.
It’s not a remarkable age in the grand scheme of things, but still a wake-up call to me that I’m not 43 anymore. What changes do I notice? Not too many other than my eyebrows are acquiring some white strands, so my winter plumage is getting a foothold.
Some friends I have conversations with on a regular basis have commented on how my sense of humor ranges from dry wit to zany practical joking, depending on my mood and the situations. This led to a conversation on who we imagine we’d all most likely be in our old age. So far, I have been likened to three fictional characters:

Walter Matthau, as Max Goldman, in Grumpy Old Men (1993) … for his caustic wit and penchant for practical jokes.

Peter Boyle, as Frank Barone, in the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond … for his similar sarcastic sense of humor.

Finally, because I love vigilante stories so much, and again for the humor inherent in the character, including the fact that I also swear like a trooper, they chose Clint Eastwood, as Walt Kowalski, in Gran Torino (2008).
I like that character best of all and it’s a vision of myself that may well come true, as one day I sit on a porch somewhere, with drink by my side, a dog (or several dogs) keeping me company, looking around with disdain, grumbling and snarling at the world – just like old Walt.Which grouchy old bastard do you imagine you might eventually turn into?
While you ponder on that … I’ve included some other great stills below of Clint Eastwood, in the role of Walt Kowalski, in Gran Torino. A great character study and a role Clint was born to play.
So ... in a couple of decades ... you pass by a porch and see a grouchy old bastard, with a dog at his feet, drink in his hand, looking like he's snarling more than his dog ... pay him no mind ... it might just be me!


  1. Haha, well from one grouchy old bastard to another, I just turned forty and I'm now and older sober member of AA. Now wonder I'm grouchy. :) I'm also a practical joker and a bit of a rebel. It's funny how grouchy old men can still have a sense of humour. I have different characters I post on YouTube under the channel Hobgoblin60. One is me claiming to be Fido Bedo from the movie Every Which Way But Loose. I'm a Clint Eastwood Fan and also like The Grumpy Old Men. Peter Boyle is great in many things. I love One Foot in The Grave. I used to say that character was my dad, but now it seems I've become him too. Lovely. :(

    Hope to get back to England for a tramp around one day. My parents are from there. I'm tramping around Australia at the moment, promoting my book.

    Thanks for the re-tweet, mate. Bet your books are great, I'll re-tweet them and when I settle down for a while, I'll read them - sound a bit like mine.

    The old swag and backpack are getting a bit too heavy for a rusty old hobo.

  2. Well, I just turned 39 and while you don't have any grouchy old women, in a perfect world, I'd be Helen Mirren in Red. But, alas...

    If I were a man, I'd imagine I'd be Walt. He's fiercely loyal to those who deserve it. Though I doubt I could ever treat my kids that way even if they were bastards. And I doubt I could ever find a spouse worthy of such loyalty LOL But, ideally, he'd be tops!