Friday, 16 November 2012

Catching up!

I’m back from my vacation, looking at the pile of work in front of me, with the feeling like I need another one. Anyone who’s familiar with the feeling that they are NOT happy to be back to the grind will know what I’m talking about. To say that I’m snowed under with work right now is an understatement.
My emails alone are almost up to 4 figures.
During my time away, I got some research done, but not all of it. Now I’m putting my notes together in (dis)order so that I can type them up. I watched Adaptation (2002) yesterday and I know how Nic Cage felt in that movie!
Thanks to everyone who’s took the time to email me.
Please be patient and I’ll write back to you ASAP.
Stay well, safe, inspired and keep writing the words!

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