Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing:

Monday, April 15, 2013, should have been a joyful day of friendly competitiveness and sportsmanship at the Boston Marathon. But the day turned into horror and tragedy when two bombs exploded in Boylston Street, leading up to the finishing line.
The last report I saw stated that 3 died and there are over 140 injured. One of the dead was a boy of just 8-years-old. 
This latest vicious and senseless atrocity is yet-another reminder that terrorism is a global problem. When it strikes, innocent people die and others are maimed. The trauma lasts a lifetime. We all live in fear of it, because extremists strike anywhere, at any time, with no regard for loss of life.
As of this writing, the identities of the terrorists responsible and the reasons for this attack is a mystery. I hope the perpetrators are caught quickly and justice is swiftly served. 
Thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, their families and friends.

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  1. It was such a horrible and sad event. We are subjected to so much tragedy lately. Good to see they apprehended the terrorists. I say a prayer for all those innocents hurt from this.