Saturday, 18 May 2013

Last Monday’s movie … Blood Creek (2009):

Also known as Town Creek and simply Creek, this is noisy nonsense with gore a-plenty. Prologue sequence has a black-magic-practicing Nazi (Michael Fassbender) moving onto a West Virginian farm, occupied by German immigrants. The family is well-paid to give him lodging, but they are unaware of his real motivations; he’s there because they have a magical rune stone in the barn and he’s part of a mission to further the Nazi’s efforts to harness supernatural forces. Jump to modern day and the Nazi is still around, held captive on a farm through more occult hocus-pocus shenanigans until two brothers arrive on the scene with bloody revenge on their minds. Among all the yelling, shooting and running around, there are also zombie dogs and horses thrown into the chaos.

Is the Nazi now a vampire, a zombie, or both?

And who the hell could care?

The story premise is interesting at first as Hitler is reported to have had a genuine interest in the supernatural, but this movie falls flat very soon after the two brothers arrive at the farm.

I’ve been hit-and-miss with director Joel Schumacher’s movies and from what I’ve seen so far, the hits were The Lost Boys, Falling Down, Phone Booth, Veronica Guerin and The Number 23.

The misses were Flatliners, I hated Batman Forever and I’ve struggled to forgive him for Batman & Robin … in fact, don’t even get me started on his two ‘Batman’ movies!

Alas, for me, Blood Creek was another miss. It’s decently acted and shot [for this kind of thing] and okay if you’re a gore hound, not expecting too much, and wanting something you can put your feet up and turn your brain off to. But don’t expect any deep insight or a cinematic masterpiece … because you won’t find either here.

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