Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bottom Dwellers by A. Shane Etter

Bottom Dwellers by A. Shane Etter:

In Rural north Georgia, a new lake changes the landscape after four years in development. An entire township is flooded and becomes the waterbed of the newly formed Lake Sidney Lanier.
Running 200 feet deep in places, the giant lake hides many secrets.
Forty-eight-year-old black belt karate expert and stroke survivor, Patrick Dylan, makes regular scuba dives in the lake as a form of escapism, relaxation and a gentler exercise regime.
It’s by the lakeside he meets beautiful Park Ranger, Trudy Price and they quickly strike up a relationship.
Subsequent dives bring new surprises as Patrick explores the depths of the lake and the subterranean villages reveal a hidden society. Is the green-scaled community, talking with him telepathically, real or a depth-induced hallucination?
Then he encounters the Mole People, another subterranean society, this time existing beneath Manhattan Island.
Reminiscent of stories like Deliverance and Them this is an imaginative murder-mystery with the focus on good and evil in all forms of society.

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