Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cacoethes, by M. Scott Craig:

This anthology of short stories and poetry, by author M. Scott Craig, pushes the medium with a fresh and innovative approach.
The title, by definition, means an irresistible compulsion to indulge in something, often to the point of mania, even to the point where it is detrimental.
The compositions range in theme from intense passion in the wilds of Africa, affirmation of identity, fantasies of what might and could be, proposal at a party, cosmic romance, the agony of longing, friendship, love and lust. Many read like soliloquies, others like love letters, with the overall emphasis in this collection on the joy, struggle and pain of life, love, passion and relationships.
The writing is stylized and refreshingly avant-garde. One section abandons the rules of conventional sentence, paragraph and punctuation structure and gives us an erotic story with the words joined, offering the reader an almost encrypted series amid the other pieces.
Like many of the best anthologies, this would make an excellent travel book for those who spend time every day commuting and love to read challenging and compulsive fiction.
A hugely enjoyable and unique collection of reflections on human emotions and the way passion and love can drive us irresistibly beyond the constraints of reason.

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