Thursday, 6 October 2011

Who Would Have Thought? by Trenice Carter:

Written with language as deliberate, raw and explicit as the steamy sex acts it describes, author Trenice Carter tells the story of three pleasure-seeking, financially successful and seemingly gifted in every way men, dubbed the ‘Men of Adonis’ by those who come to know them. They have been friends since their childhood and the bond they share is as strong as if they were blood relatives. They are brothers by choice, not through luck of genetics. We learn about their lives, loves, weaknesses, intrigues and the compelling bond of true friendship and unyielding allegiance where this trio share everything and stand by each other through any dangerous situation. Will the three friends survive as a group and continue a free and hedonistic play-boy lifestyle, or will one or all succumb and be tamed by the all-conquering love for the women in their lives?
Moving from Blaine, Minnesota, to the darkly seductive glitz and bright lights of Las Vegas, this is a steamily erotic thriller, combining lusty encounters with the drama of rocky relationships and intertwining lives.
An entertaining story with fast action, violence, and sub-plots that hold the reader’s interest.
True love wins over all.

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