Thursday, 6 October 2011

The River Runes, by Ken Lindsey:

Enter the fantasy world of Caithiir, a woodland kingdom inhabited by magicians and their apprentices as they work on the Runes, protectors of the magic that hold their world together. There are also hunting parties, gate keepers, faeries and their rulers. Learn about the clan wars, nomads, the River Room, the community of the Great Hall and the Third Chapel district.
Will swords and magic be enough to save the trees and their forest home?
Who will win the inevitable battle?
A neatly written and heart-warming family tale about love, the value of equality, the conflict between different cultures, reconciliation and new beginnings. It also highlights well the dangers of separatism and the importance of acceptance and tolerance in any society.
Go down for a trip through these woods and you may well be in for a big surprise.

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